Margaret Beaufort Middle School

There is much to be proud of and to celebrate at Margaret Beaufort. We believe that our school offers excellent opportunities to all of our pupils, and provides each one of them with a stimulating and challenging education for the middle years experience. We offer the best learning opportunities and outstanding provision for enrichment and extra curricular activities.

From the moment that a child arrives at our school, they enter a pastoral system which will nurture them whilst preparing them for the challenges of becoming independent, confident and reflective individuals. Every child is different and we aim to identify their needs and support them throughout their time with us.

We know that during their time at Margaret Beaufort, children change in many ways, and we are delighted to be a part of that educational and personal journey, alongside their parents and carers.

In encapsulating the individual and unique nature of our school, our pupils and staff are our key accolade. Our pupils are outstanding; they encourage and support their peers in every facet of school life. Ambassadors for the school and for one another, in every way, we are proud of their achievements and successes, and celebrate their contributions and creativity.

We could not ask for a more dedicated and enthusiastic staff at Margaret Beaufort. We aim for the best provision, which is to be outstanding in all that we offer. Our standards over the last five years are the highest in the county.